Massages and treatments

 Balneo Hotel - Masszázsok


Swedish massage / full body massage (45 min) 8 500 HUF
Relaxing the muscles, relieving cramps, achieving blood circulation and general freshness are the main considerations during the massage.
Swedish massage / back massage (20 min) 4 500 HUF
Relaxing the muscles of the back, relieving cramps, achieving general freshness are the main aspects during the massage.
Foot massage (20 min) 4 200 HUF
Massage for the general refreshment and regeneration of the muscles of the sole.
Relaxing face and head massage (20 min) 4 200 HUF
Stimulation of nerve exit points on the face and skull without active ingredient. (Also commonly known as migraine massage.)
Manager massage (15 min) 3 500 HUF
Massage relaxing the muscles around the neck, shoulder girdle, shoulder blades and the most important areas of the back. It is done in a massage chair and in a dress.
Therapeutic massage (50 min) 10 500 HUF
A type of massage used for medical purposes, a more concentrated massage of the body area that needs treatment. We recommend the massage on the advice of a doctor.
Therapeutic massage (25 min) 5 900 HUF
Child massage (20 min) 3 600 HUF
Children need some pampering, too. We are looking forward them for refreshing. 
Gold Star Massage (45 min) 10 500 HUF
The content of gold comes from the golden algae. The base of „sea-golden”, which covers the skin with a gilded veil.


Balneo Hotel - Kezelések


Chocolate exfoliator (20 min) 5 000 HUF
The creamy exfoliator with chocolate grains pampers you with a special chocolate scent, while the exfoliation refreshes and rejuvenates the skin.
Algae exfoliator (20 min) 5 000 HUF
Fine granules, beeswax and green algae help to remove dead epithelial cells and regenerate the skin already during the massage. After the massage, the skin becomes soft, silky and hydrated.
Natural full comfort pampering (70 min) 13 500 HUF
Facial treatment and body massage with natural, ECOCERT-certified products containing white tea active ingredients. The Asian massage ritual promises real pampering, as a result of which the skin will be naturally nourished and hydrated.
Cleopatra Bath (20 min) 5 500 HUF
We make the milky bathing ritual for Cleopatra even more enjoyable with a hydromassage. The milky whirlpool is characterized by special scents. 
Dead Sea salt bath (20 min) 4 500 HUF
The treatment detoxifies your skin and your whole body with the natural cleansing effect of Dead Sea salt crystals. The minerals in the salt promote metabolism in the skin, increase its ability to retain moisture and absorb oxygen, making it velvety and youthful. The salt bath is also beneficial for joint and rheumatic complaints.
Doctor fish treatment (20 min) 4 500 HUF
The Doctor fish (garrarufa) was discovered in the early 1800s and is native to the coastal rivers of southern Turkey and northern Syria. The garrarufa fish is useful and effective in treating several skin diseases. Some say the treatment is also particularly useful for treating joint diseases, muscle trauma injuries, rheumatic and nervous system disorders. Patients with psoriasis have already achieved impressive results after a few times.
Bathing with fish, although it seems unusual, is a very pleasant feeling. During the treatment, the fish thoroughly cleanse, change the skin to a silky, soft touch, and speed up blood circulation. A 20-minute foot or body bath has also a great relaxing effect.
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