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Healing magic
50 minutes  14 000 HUF
25 minutes  8 500 HUF
Therapeutic massage has been a popular therapy since ancient times. Its effect is reduced by of the body arera requiring treatment.
Get fit with Fresh Biola 
50 minutes  14 000 HUF
25 minutes  8 500 HUF
Aromatherapy SPA massage. Only organic cosmetic cream, which also contains linseed extract, aloe juice and vitamin and vitamin E, which supports hydration.
Herbavital hot herbal oil massage
50 minutes  14 000 HUF
Massage oil made with extract containing the antioxidants of calendula and turmeric, which promote skin regeneration. The valuable bioactive ingredients of grape seed oil, together with vitamin E, helo the development of a vital skin condition.
Matyó Massage
50 minutes  14 000 HUF
25 minutes  8 500 HUF
Seasoned with shea butter, surrounded by a wreath od white peony, lily, ylang ylang, Spanish jasmine, ranunculus, white rose, lily of the valley and many green, breathable leaves, it hydrates the skin with a refreshing effect.
Knights Massage
50 minutes  14 000 HUF
25 minutes  8 500 HUF
Sage, which forms the central scent element of the massage, whose aroma profile depicting equestrians is richly interwoven with lavender, a breath of blood red raspberry, dust and buttery iris, rum, dark, balsamic and dried fruit notes, is provided by Madagascar vanilla and French hay extracr.
Couples Relax Massage
50 minutes  16 000 HUF
The masseuses massage in synchrony, so that the harmony between the couples becomes complete. Tense muscles relax, we forget about everyday worries. + complimentary glass of champagne on site. The indicated orice is for 1 person.
Children’s massage 
20 minutes  5 500 HUF
The children also deserve a little pampering. We welcome those aged 6-16 who want to freshen up.

Body treatments:

Floral facial and body treatment 
70 minutes  16 800 HUF
A cavalcade of Magnolia massage oil, Damask rose and dry flower powder. A pampering massage restores physical and mental balance, detoxifies, energizes, reduces stress and beautifies the skin.
Grape skin scrubber
20 minutes  8 500 HUF
Nourishing grape face scrub that removes the dead skin layer, supplies your skin with vitamins and starts blood circulation.
Goat Milk Skin Scrubber
20 minutes  8 500 HUF
After using it, the facial skin will feel refreshed, clean and pleasant tot he touch. It has an intensive skin rejuvenating and skin smoothing effect.

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