Rózsa Restaurant

Balneo Hotel - Rózsa Étterem


Or the miracle of the unique meeting of the Matyó folk world and modern gastronomy in our restaurant.

Get out of the hotel walls and discover the beauties of the countryside. All you have to do is go to the other side of the street and you already feel like you can enjoy the treasures of Matyóföld in one place.

Taste the flavour of the countryside!

You could even forget that you are in a restaurant. Admiring the walls of the Rózsa Restaurant, time flies while chefs scurry in the kitchen.

Only the menu is more eye-catching than the works of folk craftsmen from Mezőkövesd. Traditional Hungarian cuisine with modern kitchen technology methods and premium ingredients. If you’re just looking for a delicious coffee and a frothy cake, you’ll find this at the Rózsa Confectionery, too.

Unique wedding environment with
a terrace which can be the perfect choice
as a venue for a civil ceremony.

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