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Are you looking for special programs for teambuilders? This is one of our specialties!

Among our services there are many interesting things to choose from. Matyóföld further enriches the possibilities. Here’s a little taste of the possibilities that are really limited only by imagination.

Indoor events

Eco Fun, environmentally conscious creativity

During the teambuilding program, working and thinking together forges the team together, while a truly exciting, creative process takes place in the spirit of environmental awareness. The limit is only imagination!

The duration of the program is 2 hours, location: the hotel.

All the world’s a stage - themed roleplay

Participants become actors with the help of a real actor, and then receive props, special words and phrases, word turns. Role-playing games come to life as lifelike plays, and after casting and preparation, the mysterious and mystical play can begin by hiding in costumes.

The duration of the program is 1-2 hours, location: the hotel.

Mysterious night in Colombia - crime program

The detective crime program is a special experience for everyone. Players in smaller groups become part of a special teambuilding as part of an interactive actor production. During the game, human knowledge, logic, common sense and teamwork gain a big role.

The duration of the program is 2 hours, location: the hotel.

Wine dinner

From time to time, guests can enjoy a special gastronomic experience in the restaurant of our hotel. During our wine dinners, you can take part in a real taste journey along a theme. In addition to our multi-course, plate-served dinners, we offer a uniquely selected wine selection to suit your tastes.

Outdoor events

In the footsteps of the local legend

The challenging program holds countless excitements, secrets and surprises. The object of the game is to find a lost legend. At the start, the group will be greeted with scones and homemade brandy, and the program will lead you through the sights of Mezőkövesd. Teams are welcomed by playful fun-stations, with each attraction hiding a challenging task. The legend unfolds from the information gained during the program; at the end of the game the company can decipher the secret together. The expected reward won’t be missed either!

The duration of the program is 2-3 hours, location: Mezőkövesd.

Wine Trip – Crate search tour with GPS, wines and delicacies

Players will experience tasks that are slightly different from the traditional geocaching program, but all the more exciting. In addition to GPS orientation, the company should place great emphasis on the exact solving of the tasks that await them in crates. But it also happens that they find wine instead of a task to be solved! Traditional orientation, accurate tracking of information helps team members to solve tasks. The goal is to reveal all the crates, the game goes on time! The route can also be completed by bicycle.

The duration of the program is 2 hours, location: Mezőkövesd.

Experiences in a cauldron

The adventures are short, they are meant to strengthen team spirit and teamwork. In return for super performance, the teams get everything they need to make a successful cauldron dish: the recipe, the tools, the main ingredients, the supplements and the spices.

The duration of the program is 4 hours, location: Mezőkövesd.

Bubble Soccer – soccer as a team game

Players play in an inflatable “bubble” and only have their feet free from the knees down. The rules are the same as in soccer, with the difference that there are no penalty cards, the concept of offside is unknown and worth fouling! It’s incredibly fun to see the players running through the soccer field in the huge bubble, well, even when, after a collision, they stand on their head and then on their feet like a tumble-over.

The duration of the program is 2-3 hours, location: near the hotel.

Combat experiences: paintball

A realistic outdoor fighting game brings to life the short life of a barracks. We provide full protective equipment and a safe play area for the games. An adrenaline-boosting experience!

The duration of the program is 1.5-2 hours, location: 10 kilometres from the hotel.

Matyodesign Tours

An all-day program at the Tardon belonging to Matyóföld with a visit to the Matyodesign embroidery workshop, a visit to a country house, cooking, making pasta, making cakes together and with surprise gifts.

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